Hi my name is Kirsty, I am a 26 year old maths graduate and I’m based in Scotland. I post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or try to at at least  

I started this blog in 2016 as a way to get myself back into reading after a 5 year reading slump, and I’m still behind on the books that released over that time. So I post reviews of books which are new and old.

I mainly like to read young adult novels, specifically fantasy, and contemporaries but I like a lot of other type of books like adult romance novels, historical novels, classics etc. I’m not a huge fan of crime novels (I love true crime) or horror, and I will only ever check out these books if people I trust have recommended them.

When I review a book there’s not a specific thing I focus on, like characterisation, plot, writing style etc., I just write about elements which jump out at me whether they be good or bad. I will give a book a rating on goodreads, however when reviewing on my blog I prefer not to give a rating as I feel that it could give someone a misconception of the book before even reading the review.

If you would like me to review your book send me an email and I will let you know if it interests me, I prefer physical copies, but ebooks are ok too. If your book contains racial, sexual, body or mental diversity definitely include this in your request as I always endeavour to read diversely and want to use my platform to support that.

If you have sent me a book I cannot promise I will get to it quickly as I am a mood reader.

I occasionally review other types of media and as a feminist I’m always interested in discussions about books and how we can be more diverse in the community. In doing so I will sometimes link to other people’s reviews which come from a place of more understanding than me, i.e. someone who is POC or differently abled, if I link to a post you have made and you aren’t comfortable with that let me know and I will remove it!

If I have said anything offensive or harmful I can guarantee it’s either in ignorance or an accident but please let me know, I don’t want to hurt anyone and I’m here to learn.

My banner was designed by the wonderful CW.

I am listed on the mental health database here, it is a good database if you are looking for own voices reviewers!

I am a Book Depository Affiliate if you read a review on my blog and decide to read the book after reading my review I would really appreciate you clicking my BD link!

Contact email: kirstyreadsblog@gmail.com




Wishlist (I don’t expect anyone to buy me anything I just have this here in case anyone is interested in what I want to buy)

If you would like to support me financially I have a ko-fi, but no pressure!

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  1. Helloo!

    I’m starting a new project on my blog where I review other people’s favourite books (after reading them – not based on my opinion on the cover and the author’s name!), and I simply wanted to ask of you the impossible task of telling me your favorite book! Or just close your eyes and pick one!

    Anyway, it would be amaaazing if you could help me out! 🙂 And everyone else reading this is very welcome to join! :p

    All the best! xoxo

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