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Thanks to Calliope for the tag!

So the aim of this game is write down 18 character names on pieces of paper, and choose three out at a time. Then with each round, there will be three options, and you sort them into who would be “most likely to” do each thing.


Who’s most likely to…

1. Have kids first

2. Cry at a movie

3. Get arrested

Characters I picked: Cath from Fangirl, Ron from Harry Potter and Cinder from Cinder.

Cinder is definitely most likely to get arrested since well I’m not gonna spoil anything. Cath is most likely to cry at a movie and Ron is most likely to have kids first.


Who’s most likely to…

1. Become a crazy cat lady/man

2. Become a multi-millionaire

3. Start knitting as a hobby

Characters: I picked Celaena from Throne of Glass, Peeta from The Hunger Games and Jace from The Mortal Instruments

Jace is most likely to become a crazy cat man, Celaena needs to become a multi millionaire to keep up with her shopping habit and Peeta would definitely pick up knitting as a hobby because he’s squishy like that.


Who’s most likely to…

1. Be a closet nerd

2. Become an actor/actress

3. Fall down the stairs

Characters: Andie from The Unexpected Eveything, Nehemia from Throne of Glass and Katniss from The Hunger Games.

This is a toughy, I think Andie would be a closet nerd since she’s already hella smart, Nehemia would become and actress and Katniss would fall down the stairs.


Who’s most likely to…

1. Collect that many books they have a personal library

2. Win the Hunger Games

3. Be tumblr famous

Characters: Dorian from Throne of Glass, Hermione from Harry Potter and Clary from The Mortal Instruments

It’s pretty obvious Hermione would have a personal library, I think Dorian would win the Hunger Games because he’s been taught combat stuff being prince and all, and also other reasons which I don’t want to spoil and Clary would definitely be tumblr famous.


Who’s most likely to...

1. Go through a goth phase

2. Have a one night stand

3. Go to comic con

Characters: Clark from The Unexpected Everything, Kai from Cinder and Rowan from Throne of Glass

Ok easy one first, Clark would 100% go to Comic Con being a famous fantasy writer and all. Rowan would have a one night stand because he’s so old he’s probably already had plenty, and that leaves Kai to have a goth phase, which I think is pretty probable with his father dying and all.


Who’s most likely to…

1.  Get married

2. Have a cool mug collection

3. Be a night owl (stays awake most of the night)

Characters: Levi from Fangirl, Harry from Harry Potter and Magnus from The Mortal Instruments

Magnus is like 400 years old, don’t tell me he doesn’t have a cool mug collection. Harry we already know is a night owl because all he does is wander Hogwarts at night like a lunatic and Levi will probably get married. I also say Levi to get married because I hate the Harry/Ginny pairing so much.

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2 thoughts on “Most Likely to Book Tag

  1. I love your post! There’s no better way to describe Peeta than “because he’s squishy like that” 🙂 I also didn’t like the Harry/Ginny pairing much either; I always wanted him to end up with Hermoine. And, yes, I can totally see Levi and Cath getting married one day, maybe to each other or maybe to different people.

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